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Steve Harrison, conference host

Due to the current public health concerns, I've postponed my next in-person National Publicity Summit to October 21-24 and am hosting an online, virtual Publicity Summit this April 22-25.

You'll be able to meet and pitch at least 50 media representatives from the comfort and safety of your own home or office, thanks to videoconferencing solutions like Skype or Zoom - or even calling in to a special phone number I'll set up.

PLUS, you'll get to come to the October 2020 Summit in New York City, as described below. You'll be getting two Publicity Summits for the price of one!

See below to apply. Questions? Contact us -

"Who Else Wants to be Featured in America's Biggest Publications and Interviewed on Top Radio/TV Shows?"

If you're serious about getting lots of national media exposure for what you do, apply to attend my...
National Publicity Summit
in New York City,
October 21-24, 2020
...and get the major-league publicity that can make your sales soar and propel your career to a whole new level! 

And don't miss our combo deal: Take part in our online, virtual Publicity Summit (April 22-25) as well as attend the National Publicity Summit in NYC in October!

"I'm now a regular contributor on the Dr. Oz show!"

Don't believe me? See the proof below documenting just some of the many major media hits previous National Publicity Summit attendees have scored. 

My Summit is the ONLY place you're guaranteed to have personal, one-on-one, face-to-face appointments with over 100 producers and journalists who do shows and stores for top media like:

These media outlets have been represented at my previous Summits.
We expect to have most of them back... plus we're adding many more! 

Summit Helps Attendee Get Her Charitable Mission on The Today Show for Memorial Day

Summit attendee Meredith Iler founded The Wounded Hero Home Program and led a multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign for Helping a Hero, an organization that has helped fund houses for over 100 wounded U.S. veterans. Meredith made connections at the Summit that led to a prominent feature of Helping a Hero on NBC’s Today Show during Memorial Day weekend!

Apply Now For One Of 26 Remaining Spots To Meet With Major Media Who Can Feature You And What You Do

From: Steve Harrison

Dear Friend,

Imagine how many more people across America would buy your book, product, or service if you were booked to appear as a guest on a major national TV programs like ABC’s The View, Live with Kelly & Ryan, MSNBC, Fox News Channel or NBC's Dateline!

Just think how much more money and recognition you’d have if you were featured in a major magazine or newspaper like Time Magazine, People or the New York Times!

If you’re interested in getting the kind of big-time national publicity I’m talking about, then I have some good news and some bad news.

Let me give you the bad news first...

It’s harder than ever to get the attention of national TV producers and top magazine editors

It’s getting more and more difficult to get coverage in the major media, and the reason is simply this: there’s more competition than ever before. With today’s technology, anyone can publish a book, launch a website, or create a product in a few short weeks; consequently, more people than ever before are hounding the media by phone, mail, fax and email with messages that essentially boil down to this: “Please interview me!!!”

Not long ago, I went to visit one of my producer friends over at CBS in New York. We had lunch and she invited me up to her office.

I was absolutely shocked by what I saw.

It was filled with an overwhelming number of books and press kits piled everywhere… on shelves… on tables… on her desk... even on the floor. But that wasn’t nearly as surprising as what I saw next: a new box of press materials was being brought to her every five minutes – and I am NOT exaggerating. It was as if, in a former life, she had offended the publicity gods and they now wanted to torture her with a never-ending stream of press materials that kept coming and coming and coming.

This is a big problem for her. But it’s an EVEN bigger problem for you if you want publicity.

With this daily onslaught of books, press releases, faxes, emails, flyers, and phone calls, your chances of getting a big-time editor or producer’s attention are slimmer than ever before. (When I was over at ABC, they showed me the number of faxes they had received in just ONE morning. The stack was almost as thick as a phone book!)

Small Town Entrepreneur Lands Major TV Appearances, Book Deal and More By Attending National Publicity Summit

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can't guarantee you'll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Now you can bypass the crowd and
meet the most important editors and producers
face-to-face, behind closed doors

Have you ever felt if you could just meet the major producers or editors, you would finally get the publicity and exposure you deserve?

Now you’re finally going to get that chance.

I know from personal experience if producers and editors know you, they’re MUCH more likely to read what you send them. They’re more likely to respond to your emails or return your phone calls. If you know them, your material will be more “on target” with what they really want. You’ll increase your odds exponentially of getting booked on their shows – or having them refer you to one of their friends in the media. The possibilities are endless – but only if you know them.

In fact, one of the reasons many good publicists charge $10,000 to $20,000 per month (or more) is they have built relationships with the media. Think what cultivating your own relationships with top media could do for you.

Here’s the good news: If you’re serious about getting national publicity, I have an opportunity for you that could quite literally change your life for the better. I’m going to offer you something you have never been offered before: the chance to meet and learn from more than 100 of the nation’s most influential media.

Simply come to my

National Publicity Summit,

a unique four-day conference, being held in

New York City, October 21-24, 2020

and limited to only 200 serious publicity-seekers – 
whether they be authors, speakers, publishers,
publicists, entrepreneurs, or marketing professionals.

And don't miss our combo deal: Take part in our online, virtual Publicity Summit (April 22-25) as well as attend the National Publicity Summit in NYC in October!

Toy designer lands radio interviews and spot on Good Morning America

I showed up at the National Publicity Summit because I was trying to figure out, “How do I get on TV? How do I talk to the media? How do I learn what triggers their interest?”

I was a little nervous and scared wondering how easy or difficult getting publicity would be. But the first thing Steve and his team did was to teach everyone, “Here’s how it works. Here’s what you're supposed to do. Here’s how you speak to the media on their level.” The training you get shows you that you don’t need to be the Michael Jordan of publicity to get this done. Anyone can do it if they learn how.

I pitched everyone I could, and was immediately booked on three radio shows. I also pitched one outlet that wasn’t an exact fit—it was a news channel and I was promoting a toy—but once I did all the things Steve recommended, the producer said, “Give me your info; I have a friend I need to introduce you to.” That friend was a producer at Good Morning America and that connection led to me getting booked on GMA!

The Summit is fantastic. It’s empowering and gives you credibility in your field. When anyone asks me about getting publicity, I recommend the National Publicity Summit. It’s 1,000% awesome in every way, on every level.

— Perry "The Inventor" Kaye, Founder/CEO Perry Teri Toys LLC

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can't guarantee you'll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Depending on your goals, just one major article or interview could help you…
  • Sell thousands – even millions – of dollars worth of books, products, or services.
  • Persuade more retailers to stock your book or product (and give you special placement in their window or on their front counter).
  • Impress more of your customers and prospects by being able to say you were featured in big-time national media (they’ll figure if the media says you’re good, it must be true) and boost your advertising’s effectiveness by saying “As seen on Fox News...”
  • Get paid thousands of dollars to speak at companies and conferences.
  • Be invited to host your own radio or TV show.
  • Become a bestselling author.
  • Attract licensing or foreign rights deals.
  • Educate the public, change public opinion or get new legislation passed.
  • Become a syndicated columnist or regular guest.
  • Get more publicity as other editors and producers hear about you.
  • Be the “expert” the media call when your topic hits the news.
  • Earn big money as a consultant.


If it hadn’t been for one conversation,
“Dr. Phil” would be “Dr. Nobody”

It’s true. Just one conversation…one personal introduction to the right person at the right time can forever alter the course of your life.

That’s what happened to a Texas-based psychologist a few years ago. He hadn’t even written a book. He owned a company that helped lawyers predict how juries would likely vote in certain cases.

One day, one of the lawyers he worked with had a client walk in. It was no ordinary client. It was Oprah Winfrey. She was distraught and upset about being sued by the beef industry and didn’t understand why she had to defend herself. The psychologist talked to her in strong terms and told her to “Get real!”

She was so impressed with his blunt way of telling the truth she booked him as a guest on her show. He was so good he appeared again and again. As a result, he now has bestselling books and his own show. Today, he’s known around the world as “Dr. Phil.”

How meeting ONE producer got Deepak Chopra millions of dollars' worth of publicity on PBS

Meeting the right people at the right time is one of the biggest secrets to Deepak Chopra’s success. I once asked him how he got the opportunity to appear on PBS so many times. His answer was simple. He said he met one of the producers and “she made it all happen.”

That’s the value of personally meeting the media. When done right, meeting producers and editors face-to-face is the absolute best way to stand out from the pack.

The sad truth is most publicity-seekers don’t have a clue on how to pitch the media effectively
(they only THINK they do)

Having helped more than 15,000 publicity-seekers — entrepreneurs, experts, speakers, and 12,000+ authors — get on radio and TV talk shows in the last 30+ years, I can tell you when it comes to attracting the attention of the big-league media, most authors and publishers shoot themselves in the foot by not knowing how to pitch the major media. Some even get blacklisted.

That’s why I’m going to do more than just introduce you to the media. I’m going to train you to pitch yourself effectively and put your best foot forward. You’ll come to the Summit prepared to make the most of your opportunity.

I’ve gotten more authors booked on radio/TV shows than any publicist or PR firm on the planet -
over 12,000 in fact

I’m Steve Harrison and I publish Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), the ezine producers read to find guests. We put out two issues a week and each one contains at least 20 paid write-ups about different authors and experts available for interviews. We do all the work, including copywriting. Our clients are usually contacted by radio talk show hosts who want to interview them via telephone. We’ve also had our advertisers get booked on such national TV shows as Oprah, Good Morning America, Today, Larry King, CNN Headline News, Maury Povich and many more.

"No one had heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul..."
Buddy Spilchuk

No one had heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul until we advertised in Radio-Television Interview Report. When our book was first published no one knew who we were. But of all that changed after appearing on hundreds of radio and television talk shows... Our ads in Radio-TV Interview Report helped us hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Without Steve Harrison and his team..."

Without Steve Harrison and his team, Rich Dad Poor Dad never would have become the #1 personal finance book of all time.

Robert Kiyosaki, author,
Rich Dad Poor Dad

The single greatest secret to
getting TONS of publicity

The simple reason our clients are so successful is we know how to present them to the media. We write their copy in such a way producers are scrambling to interview them. Here’s what I know that most people don’t – and this point alone could make you thousands – even millions – of dollars if you act on it.

The biggest reason most publicity-seekers
don’t get coverage is
they don’t know how to really think like
producers or editors

Why would a talk show producer or journalist want to interview you as opposed to someone else with similar expertise? That’s what I often ask clients to help them begin forming a “hook” that will attract the media.

If I had a nickel for every client who has responded to that question with some version of “I’m not really sure,” I would be rich indeed. But the truth is you need more than just one good answer to that question to get the publicity you deserve. You need three or four.

Many publicity-seekers have knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. But through no fault of their own, they simply don’t know the best ways to position themselves in the eyes of the media. They literally overlook several – sometimes dozens – of strong points they have, points which if expressed could suddenly get the media interested in them. I call these overlooked points “hidden assets” – and everyone has them.

We’re going to help you have more than just one good hook. We’re going to help you mine the “hidden assets” of your personal story to help you develop different pitches to different types of media.

Knowing how to persuade the media
to give you coverage can quite literally
put millions of dollars in your pocket

Knowing the right words to say and knowing the right things to do will put you miles and miles ahead of the crowd when it comes to making the news. Years ago, I gave a nutritionist a simple seven-word phrase that he then used to attract the media’s attention. It worked beyond his wildest dreams! I estimate it’s booked him on more than a thousand radio/TV talk shows in the last decade and been worth millions of dollars to him. That’s what’s great about a good “hook”– you can use it over and over for years. He’s now a best-selling author and speaks at conferences with the likes of Colin Powell, former President George Bush and Tony Robbins.

Now listen: I’m not saying every time you pitch a producer or editor you’ll be successful. But if you really know how to think like a producer or editor you’ll be able to get a continuous steady stream of publicity month after month, year after year. If you don’t, your odds of getting the big-time media to pay attention to you are about on par with winning the lottery – slim to none.

Time after time, I’ve seen cases in which one phrase or piece of information presented to the media in the right way at the right time got somebody booked on shows like Oprah and Good Morning America.

This Publicist Got His Client Booked on Today Show, 700 Club and Kelly Ripa

As a publicist, I know how hard it can be to get the media’s attention. I make a lot of phone calls and send out a lot of emails, but nothing beats meeting the media face to face at the National Publicity Summit. The Summit makes it so much easier for me to get publicity for my clients. I got one of my clients booked on Today, 700 Club and Kelly Ripa’s show. I also landed a number of radio bookings for my other two clients. The Summit has given me more than publicity. It’s led to my forming several wonderful relationships with some key media. Some of them have even become friends of mine. In fact, the other day I had an hour-long conversation on the phone with a national TV producer just talking about personal stuff. Thanks for helping me help my clients and for making my PR work a lot more fun!

— Scott Dietrich, PD Publicity

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Do you believe any of
these common PR myths?
  1. “I need a nice press kit comprised of a folder and several sheets of paper in order to impress the media.”
  2. “I shouldn’t contact any media until my book or product is all ready to go.”
  3. “If I can persuade the media how important my message is, they’ll give me coverage.”
  4. “Most media would rather talk to my publicist than me.”
  5. “The best document to send to the media to get publicity is a press release.”

These are just a few of the myths that just aren't true anymore. But when you participate in my National Publicity Summit, you’ll learn the insider secrets to getting booked on national TV and written up in major magazines and newspapers. Most people are following old, worn-out advice which is doomed to cost them a lot of time and money and get them nowhere.

Things have changed. A lot of the old ways of getting publicity just don’t work any more. National TV producers or journalists will tell you 90% of the people who approach them shoot themselves in the foot without knowing it. But at the National Publicity Summit you’re going to be taught how to be one of the special few to break through and get their attention.

At my Summit, you’ll be able to go up to top national editors/producers and tell them why they should give you coverage and see what they say. But, that doesn’t have to always be your approach. In fact, depending on where you are in your project and how much experience you have pitching the media, it might not be. A better approach might be to realize that you can learn a lot from them by asking for their advice, getting information, establishing a relationship with them and then following up accordingly.

Let me ask you a question:

How many journalists/producers have you interviewed about what you’re promoting?

In other words, how many major reviewers, editors, and producers have you talked to and said, “What would you want to see from me which would make you most interested in interviewing me or writing about what I’m doing?”

If you’re like most of the people I talk to, you’ve never done it. And until now you’ve never had the chance. But think how much MORE likely you are to ultimately succeed if you can first hear what they like and don’t like about the book, product, service or idea you’re promoting. You’d be able to use that feedback to refine how you approach the media, and attract tons of publicity as a result.

How many of these media
would you like to meet?

48 Hours

ABC News

ABC's The View


Dateline NBC

Dr. Oz Show



Family Circle

Fox News Channel

Fox News Radio

Good Housekeeping

Good Morning America


Huffington Post


Life & Style

Live with Kelly & Ryan

Marie Claire

Men's Fitness


New York Daily News




Psychology Today

Rachel Ray Show

Reader's Digest

Real Simple


Saavy Mommy


Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

TEDx Wilmington

Today Show

USAir Magazine

Wendy Williams Show

Woman's Day

Woman's World

…more are being added!

This is a list of staffers who came to my previous Summits. In addition to staffers from above-listed media, I had freelancers and contributors from the following publications as well:

Air & Space


All Woman

All You

Alternative Medicine

American Baby

American Health for Women

American Spirit

American Way

Better Health

Better Homes and Gardens

Big Apple Parent's Paper



Chicago Tribune


Cigar Aficionado



Cooking Light



Disney's Family Fun


Escapes - New York Times

Family Circle

Family Travel Features

Family Travel Times


Food and Wine


Fortune Small Business


Good Housekeeping




Knot's Weddingpages

Ladies Home Journal

Long Island Parents and Children

Mature Living


New York Post

New York Times

Robb Report





Reader's Digest




Sesame Street Parents


Southwest Airlines Spirit

Time Out New York

U.S. Airways' Attache

Vegetarian Times

Westchester Parent

Wired News

Woman's Day

Woman's World

Working Mother

and more!

But that’s not all. At my last Summit, I had over 20 radio talk show hosts and producers who are eagerly looking for people they can interview via telephone. Below is a partial list.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

WBAI - New York

WBLS - New York

WDVR - New Jersey

WEEU - Pennsylvania

WHCR - New York

WHPC - New York

WKXW - New Jersey

WLIB - New York

WNJC - Philadelphia

WOGL - Philadelphia

WPHT - Philadelphia

WPLJ - New York

WTLC - Indianapolis

...and many more!

There’s NOWHERE ELSE you can go to meet
so many major media folks
up close and in-person!!

The truth is there are very few people who could assemble such a vast array of media. Our relationships with them and the fact that we publish the Radio-TV Interview Report ezine, puts us in a unique position to offer such a conference.

Booked on national TV talk show, Harry, twice as result of National Publicity Summit!

I was a published author who wanted to make a bigger impact by selling more books and building a natural health and wellness brand.

I signed up for the National Publicity Summit to take the fastest trajectory possible toward successfully achieving those goals.

I prepared very diligently for the Summit and focused on getting a strong return on investment on my tuition. My goal was to get the attention of at least 10% of the media present. All in all, I ended up with at least 15 bookings and I’m still following up with media contacts I made there.

The biggest thing that happened at the Summit was getting my first national TV appearance, on Harry. Being on national TV was a lot of fun. It was also a little intimidating, not because I was standing next to and even dancing with Harry Connick Jr.—which was epic in its own right—but because I knew I had a set amount of time for my segment, and had to be very witty, very quick, very succinct.

But after that first national TV segment, everything got easier. Now when I’m talking to TV producers—with people from Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Oz—everything goes smoothly. There’s no resistance. Once you get that first national spot, you have a lot more credibility to go and do pretty much whatever you want to do on TV.

The publicity I’ve gotten as a result of the Summit has also been driving a lot of traffic to my website, increasing my social media following, driving more sales of my books, and positioning me really well to work with the bigger corporations I want to work with.

— Jaya Jaya Myra, author of Vibrational Healing, speaker and natural lifestyle expert

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Where else will you EVER personally meet more than 100 producers and journalists?

In fact, at my last Summit, we had far more than 100 media folks and probably will this time too. We actually had 107 editors, journalists, and producers! But that’s not all. Since many attendees are interested in someday getting published by a major publisher, we even had five literary agents and editors attend my Summit. So all told there were 112 key people our attendees were able to meet and network with. I always try to over-deliver on what I promise!

[** An Important Note — My lawyer would kill me if I didn’t say the following: The participation of the media listed in this letter does not imply any endorsement of the event or my company. Furthermore, although individuals with the above organizations have told us that they will attend the National Publicity Summit, it is possible that illness, job transition, or a breaking story may cause them to cancel. My company, Bradley Communications Corp., does not guarantee the presence of any particular person or media organization; however, we do guarantee that there will be at least 100 producers / journalists in attendance.)

His Summit Training Helped Land Him on CBS News!

As a result of the training and contacts you gave me, within just a week of the Summit I shot a four- or five-minute consumer watch story for CBS’ The Early Show. We shot it out on Long Island. CBS News flew me out there and put me up in a nice hotel with a car and a driver and everything. It was great. Things have been moving along pretty good and I wanted to thank you, Steve, and your staff. You guys are top shelf, top notch all the way.

Jim Vonmier, CEO of Septic Protector, a company that makes filters for washing machines

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

To hear exactly what Jim said when he called our office, click the player below:

Freelance writers offer you the
‘secret passageway’ to get written up
in major magazines

My wife Laura is a HUGE murder-mystery buff. She’s always reading one. And when she’s watching one on TV, she’s always getting me to watch it with her. I like the old black and white films – the ones that take place in a huge English mansion with a big, beautiful library. And in that library there’s often a false bookcase that is really a “secret passageway” that leads to another part of the house.

Well, when it comes to getting publicity you’ll discover a similar kind of "secret passageway" at the National Publicity Summit. You’ll meet several top writers who contribute to major magazines. There are three reasons these writers can be your ticket to getting national magazine coverage:

First, unlike editors and staff writers, they’re not getting bombarded by press materials because they’re not on most people’s media lists. Second, they have a financial incentive to find good stories and persuade their editors to let them write about you. Third, they typically work for several national publications. The chance to personally meet some of these freelancers is just ONE of the many special bonuses of attending the Summit.

Many other big-name producers and editors have told me they want to attend, but couldn’t give me a
definite “yes” right now

Boy, I wish I could tell you about all the media folks I’m still waiting to hear from. A lot of the biggest media travel a lot and can’t commit until the last minute. As more media hear about this event, we’re getting even more interest in it. I plan to keep adding new media up to the day of the conference.

Another plus… the media folks you meet may tell other editors and producers about you

Remember, it’s just not the media you meet at the Summit who can help you. Sometimes it’s who THEY know. Producers and editors usually have friends who are also producers and editors for other shows and magazines. If they’re impressed with you, they may tell their friends in the media about you, and you could wind up getting huge amounts of publicity. Or, they might suggest that you call someone they know for whom your story would be perfect. The fact that you can now use their name and say to a journalist “Joanne over at XYZ show said I should contact you” can often open doors that would otherwise be closed, and get you the media attention you deserve.

Attention Authors: You’ll also meet literary
agents, book editors, distributors, book
marketers and more!

Since many of the attendees have (or will someday have) books to promote, I’m inviting some of the publishing industry’s most influential insiders for you to meet. Just one conversation could open big doors for your career as an author!

What will the format of the Summit be?

The National Publicity Summit officially starts on Wednesday, October 21st from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You and I will meet, along with the other participants, for a special pre-Summit prep session. I, along with some guest experts, will serve as your mountain guide as you prepare for the most exciting climb of your life: the next day’s “Meet the Media” sessions.

The “Meet the Media” sessions will start
Thursday, October 22nd

There will be a total of five “Meet the Media” sessions throughout the Summit. During each session there will be anywhere from 15-25 editors, journalists and producers who will arrive and be accessible to you for that three-hour session. If you brought a guest with you to the Summit, he or she will be asked to leave the room during these “Meet the Media” sessions, but is welcome to attend the non-media, “how-to” sessions.

You’ll be able to meet the media face-to-face,
shake hands and talk with them
about what you’re promoting

The producers and journalists want to meet you (as long as you’re not pushy and obnoxious). They’re always looking for good stories and people they can interview. That’s why after a brief panel discussion, most of the time will be spent just letting you meet each other face-to-face. We’ll direct each media person to an area of the room under which there will be a sign for the show/publication they work with. You’ll then be able to go around and meet the ones who would be most appropriate for what you’re promoting. All the attendees won’t be approaching the same media people because everyone has different topics and different goals. While you may really want to talk to one of the Fox News producers, another attendee will want to talk to the writer for Good Housekeeping.

You’ll have a special “appointment” to meet the journalists from the shows, magazines and newspapers you most want to cover you

At our last event, everyone had the chance to meet virtually every journalist/producer they wanted to meet and that’s how I expect it to be again. We’ve developed a very efficient system that ensures you’ll have personal, one-on-one time with the journalists most likely to give you coverage. Here’s how it works:

Prior to the event, I’ll send you a complete list of the media who will be attending. I’ll ask you to rank in priority order the media you most want to meet. You’ll be assigned a number for each media person you indicated interest in meeting based on how high you ranked them. For example, you might be the third person in line to meet the journalist from Newsweek and the 14th person in line to meet the producer from 48 Hours and the 25th person in line to meet the producer from The View. When your number is called, it’ll be your turn to speak with them.

You’ll have a couple of minutes with each producer/journalist to make your pitch or ask your question. You’ll need to get right to the point in order to make the most of your time. After you’re done speaking with them, you’ll be able to hand them more information about what you’re promoting or simply tell them you’ll follow up with them once you have material to send (either way works fine).

Before coming to the Summit, you’ll be trained on how to give your pitch (or ask your question) in 30 seconds or less. Acquiring this skill alone is worth the price of admission because it’s THE key to getting the media to give you coverage.

Days 3 & 4: This life-transforming event continues with more media and more speakers to coach you

We’ll also have “Meet the Media” sessions on Friday and Saturday. In between those sessions, you’ll hear from expert speakers who will talk about how to get more publicity and make more money. They won’t bore you with pie-in-the sky theory or things that used to work but don’t anymore.

Got publicity in five major women’s magazines

I was booked on one national syndicated radio show, another station in Long Island, and received publicity in Health magazine, Glamour, Woman’s Day, Parenting, Redbook and Fox News.

— Dr. Michael Broder, bestselling author of four books including Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

Full-page feature story in USA Today

I received this full-page story in USA Today!!! It all happened as a result of going to your National Publicity Summit and what I learned there. When the story ran, I received hundreds of phone calls from across the country and the makers of the movie Ali now want to do a movie of my life.

— Orrin Hudson,

Got on national TV, plus radio – and a call from CNBC!

Just wanted to let you know that as a result of the relationship I built with a producer I met at the National Publicity Summit, I appeared on Fox News Channel’s national morning show Fox & Friends. Plus, using a press release based on my conversation with that producer, I’ve gotten booked on seven radio shows in two days, and got a call from a CNBC producer. I also have an article posted on Dr. Laura’s website, and an editor pitching a variety of stories based on my notes over at a top newsweekly—all because of the Summit. Thanks for everything!

— Mahesh Grossman, author of Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

New to the publicity game? Our free
optional pre-Summit training gets you
ready to meet the media
(Many say this alone is worth the
price of admission)

People come to the Summit with a wide range of publicity experience. Some are experienced publicists who realize the value of meeting journalists and producers face-to-face. But many others are new to the publicity game and how it works.

Whether experienced pro or newbie, almost everyone arrives in New York feeling a bit nervous about meeting the media, though that feeling quickly fades when they start meeting journalists/producers and realize most media folks are genuinely nice people.

But it’s also why we offer an extensive optional pre-Summit training program at no extra charge.

Before you even get to New York, my team and I will make sure you’re ready to make a great first impression with the media. You’ll learn what to say and do when you meet with the media to persuade them to give you coverage. You’ll be able to “practice your pitch” many times on teleconference calls.

You get eight group training teleseminars. You’ll gain admission to eight pre-Summit training teleseminars. The first two are instructional and led by me personally. The remaining six are more interactive and are hosted by one of my publicity consultants. Of course, they’ll all be recorded in case you miss any of them.

Many previous attendees have told me this alone was worth the tuition price. In fact, my goal is for you to get more than your money’s worth from the pre-Summit training alone before you arrive in New York.

Why is my National Publicity Summit
taking place at a secret location?

This is a very private affair. To ensure everyone gets enough one-on-one time with the media, I can allow only 200 primary attendees into this event. You won’t be told which hotel the Summit is taking place at until you register. Suffice it to say I’ve reserved a ballroom at a major hotel in midtown Manhattan which is very accessible by train, plane or automobile.

Meals: There are lots of different places to eat in and outside the hotel. You may have the chance to have lunch or dinner with one of our speakers or marketing coaches. These people have a wealth of experience and often get paid hundreds of dollars per hour for consultations. This is your chance to have free access to them in an intimate setting. Or if you prefer, just grab another attendee you want to network with and find a place to eat. Remember, one of the biggest benefits of the National Publicity Summit is the chance to meet and learn from other successful authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, and publicists.

Schedule: We’ll be offering you morning, afternoon and evening sessions starting at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 21st and running until 6 pm, Saturday, October 24th.

Got on ABC’s The View plus KGO-TV

The Summit was absolutely fantastic, from meeting the media right down to the last logistical detail. A few people tried to talk me out of going, saying it couldn’t possibly be as good as it looked on paper, but how wrong they were! In addition to appearing on ABC’s The View, I have done a dozen interviews at least and have dozens more to go, including an invitation to appear on KGO in San Francisco. Several stations, including KGO, called me before I had a chance to follow up with them. Just as valuable is the mindset I came away with, the new knowledge of how to CORRECTLY pitch my story, from the PRODUCER’S (or journalist’s) point of view. I was able to use this lesson and other techniques I learned at the Summit to successfully pitch myself and get booked on my local ABC and Fox affiliates.

— Cpt. Meryl Getline, author of The World at My Feet

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Think this all sounds too good to be true?
So did Lisa and Ron initially... but then they got on
The Today Show and Fox & Friends

If you’re reading this letter thinking “this just sounds too good to be true” I completely understand. It’s only natural to be skeptical about something which promises so much.

But I encourage you to stay with me and keep reading the rest of this letter.

One of the things you’ll notice is that I’m offering you a complete more-than-all-your money-back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose. Would I do that if I didn’t know I could deliver?

You’ll also notice I’m going to a lot of effort to give you example after example of bona fide testimonials – real people who were in your situation not too long ago.

They too wondered if my National Publicity Summit was too good to be true, but they came. And boy, are they glad they did. In fact, one of those people was Lisa Beres. Here’s her story…

Wife overcomes husband’s skepticism about Summit and as result they both appeared on The Today Show and Fox News Channel!

When I first read about the National Publicity Summit, I was nervous to even present it to my husband Ron—he’s usually skeptical of these things. But he checked you out and we both decided to come. It completely exceeded our expectations! We didn’t have the slightest idea how to get publicity for ourselves. The Summit gave us not only the opportunity to meet these producers face to face, but it also gave us the tools to follow up, to put together a solid press kit, have great story pitches, and different ways to target producers. We were a new business that hadn’t been around very long. The Summit changed everything for us! We were booked on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, The Today Show, a dozen radio shows, plus newspapers and magazines! We were shocked by the number of orders and signups to our list.

— Lisa and Ron Beres

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Have questions?
Here are answers to common questions

Q: How many of the people who came to your last Summit got publicity as a result?

That’s a good question. Virtually everyone I’ve talked to who attended my last Summit has received publicity as a result of coming. If they didn’t get national TV or print, they at least got publicity on one or more radio talk shows. Many are still following-up on the contacts they made and I’m hearing new success stories almost every day. See the enclosed testimonials to get a feel for the kind of success people are having. And remember, all you need is one person to be interested in you and that opportunity could be worth many times the cost of attending my Summit.

Q: My book or product isn’t finished yet. Isn’t this a bit early for me to attend?

No, actually it’s an ideal time for you to attend. Most people waste thousands of dollars and years of time developing a book or product only to find that what they have created has a lot less media appeal than they initially realized. If they had just done a few things differently, it would have made all the difference. I’ve lost count of how many authors I’ve met at publishing conferences who say, “I wish I had come to this conference BEFORE I wrote my book. Now I’ve got to go back to the drawing board.” By coming to the National Publicity Summit, you’ll learn how the publicity game works so you can play it to win. You’ll avoid making costly errors, losing valuable time, and get started on the right foot.

Q: Is it still worthwhile for me to meet these media if my book / product isn’t available to the public yet?

Think of these media that I’m assembling as your advisors. Imagine if you were to simply tell them about the book or product you plan to create and ask for their feedback. You could ask what they would want to see you include in order to get their interest. I promise you their advice will be of enormous value. Their feedback might simply lead to your changing the name of your book/product or adding something to it – simple changes that can easily make THE DIFFERENCE as to whether or not they give you coverage. The National Publicity Summit will help you make your project more “media-friendly” from the start.

Q: I’m shy – even downright scared – to meet these media people. What should I do?

You’re not alone! Many of the other participants feel the same way regardless of how much they have accomplished so far. It might comfort you to know many of the producers and editors are actually a bit nervous too. After all, they’ve never met YOU before, and they also don’t know what to expect.

Remember, these producers and editors are just people. They don’t bite. In fact, they WANT to meet you – otherwise they wouldn’t be coming. They’re looking for good stories and people they can interview. They’re going to be nice and friendly because they want you to think well of them and the media organizations they represent.

If you’re shy about meeting the media, that in itself is why you should attend. If you’re really nervous, it’s probably because you don’t yet feel prepared or confident enough to approach them. You’re certain to feel more confident and excited after you participate in my pre-event conference calls and read the material I’m going to send you to get ready.

Lastly, don’t think that you have to “close the deal” with these media folks at the Summit. There’s a lot to be said for first approaching each media person with the intention of building a relationship with them. Once you’ve met them and you know what they’re looking for, you’ll have greatly increased your odds of success when you follow-up with them.

Q: Am I really going to be able to have one-on-one time with these media folks?

Yes. There are three reasons why. The first is that we limit this event to no more than 200 primary attendees (each attendee can bring a guest to non-media sessions). Imagine being one of 200 people at an event with more than 100 major media! Pretty darn good ratio of media to attendees! The second reason is that since people are promoting different things, everyone won’t be trying to meet the same media. The third reason is we have developed a very efficient appointment system that ensures you meet the media you are most interested in meeting (earlier in the letter, I described how this works in detail). At our last event, I didn’t hear EVEN ONE attendee complain about not being able to meet a producer/journalist they wanted to meet. In fact, everyone met more media than they expected to.

Q: Why are all these media people coming? What’s in it for them?

Several reasons: First, despite their daily deluge of press materials they’re always looking for good stories – and we’ve assured them they’ll find some at the Summit. Many of the journalists coming are people we’ve known for years and they know we won’t waste their time. They also like the fact we’re giving all the attendees a lot of optional pre-event coaching to help them refine their story pitches. Attending the Summit gives producers and editors an unprecedented opportunity to meet a lot of serious authors, experts, entrepreneurs and publicists face-to-face in just a few short hours. Some of our attending journalists are being paid a modest honorarium (since we’re asking many of them to give up their precious weekend time) – but many decline to accept any kind of payment. In addition, most genuinely enjoy helping people and teaching them to craft a pitch that results in national publicity. Lastly, they know this event is going to be a lot of fun.

Interviewed for seven minutes on Good Morning America Now

Thanks to a meeting I had with an ABC News producer at the National Publicity Summit I was interviewed for 7 minutes on Good Morning America Now. Within 48 hours of the Summit I was booked!

I also did over a dozen radio interviews and both O, the Oprah Magazine and More Magazine have requested galleys of my book.

I am a regular guest on at least five radio shows and a recurring guest on several more. As a result of the publicity that we have enjoyed since the Summit, many other radio shows, web shows, reporters and journalists regularly seek me out to conduct interviews. There are many times where I have shows and/or interviews to conduct on a daily basis, oftentimes two or three a day. Imagine having to take a week “off” just to have a break from all of the interviews, shows and publicity!

I will never be able to overstate the importance of attending the Summit and what has occurred as a result. Prior to the Summit, my appearance in the media was fairly regular, but not as often or as far-reaching as I would have liked. Since the Summit, we’ve exploded!

The training is unbelievable. As an attendee, you have access to the most incredible training, with the best and most experienced coaches, consultants and mentors in the business. By the time I arrived at the Summit, I was thoroughly prepared, educated and supported—a great way to go before the media!

I was absolutely dazzled by the organization of the entire Summit. It is quite a feat to not only accommodate 200 attendees, but to also ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to meet with the media. The organization of the event from start to finish was incredible. I was able to visit with every single media attendee whom I had signed up to see.

I would recommend the Summit to anyone who is serious about getting where it is that they want to go, whether you have a business, a product, a service or a book. You are trained by the finest in the business of publicity, and the results speak for themselves.

I was naturally concerned about the expense of the Summit and whether or not it was all too good to be true because it certainly sounded too good to be true! At the conclusion of the Summit, a staff member asked me if the Summit met my expectations, and I said, “No.” When they looked surprised at my answer, I went to on to say that there was no way that I could ever have expected what the Summit turned out to be, or the results that attending the Summit have produced and continue to produce to this day.

— Carole Brody Fleet, author of Widows Wear Stilettos: A Practical and Emotional Guide for the Young Widow

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Q: Are these media people really the ones who are able to give me coverage?

Yes. These are folks who make decisions for the media they represent. We’re not bringing in any interns or media organization public relations people – only people who help create the content for the show or magazine with which they work. Some of the big-time freelance writers who’ll be there write for several national magazines. It’s important to understand, however, that at some national shows and magazines, decisions aren’t made by just one person, they’re made by a group of people. This is why you’ll have such an incredible edge over others by coming to the Summit. If they have personally met you and they’re impressed with what you had to say, they’ll be more likely to go to bat for you in their behind-the-scenes meetings with colleagues.

Register now and you’ll also receive these
FOUR valuable bonuses valued at $2,600.00

BONUS #1 – Free evaluation of press release or pitch letter. Ninety-nine percent of all press releases don’t work and simply wind up in the newsroom’s trash can. But there ARE ways of crafting a press release to grab the media by the throat and get them to call you and give you coverage. The way your copy is written is what makes the critical difference. As an attendee of the National Publicity Summit, you’ll learn the difference between getting lots of publicity and getting nothing. You’ll receive a certificate entitling you to have one of my staff critique one press release or pitch letter for you. They’ll tell you what you’re doing right and what you need to change. They might give you a completely new headline or idea that will increase the amount of publicity you receive exponentially. A $300.00 value… yours FREE.

BONUS #2 – Free evaluation of your on-air performance. Whether you’re being interviewed on radio or TV there are certain things that you need to do (and avoid doing) in order to maximize sales. I’ll send you a certificate entitling you to have me give you a free evaluation of your on-air performance. A $500.00 value… yours FREE.

Written up in USA Weekend!

I just did an interview with USA Weekend, the magazine that goes in 22 million newspapers every Sunday! It all happened because I met one of their editors at your event and was able to hand her my press materials. She told me she loved the title of my book, Thank You, Your Opinion Means Nothing to Me, and the fact that it’s a humorous and healing look at menopause. A few weeks later I received a call from one of their writers and did the interview right over the phone. If I hadn’t gone to your event I never would’ve gotten this exposure. Thanks!

— Nancy Blair, author of Thank You, Your Opinion Means Nothing to Me

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

BONUS #3 – Free coaching sessions via telephone to prepare to meet the media. I’m going to help you prepare to put your best foot forward with the media and get the most out of the Summit. You’ll be able to participate in eight optional group conference calls to help you get the most out of the Summit. $1,500.00 value… yours FREE.

BONUS #4 – The National Publicity Summit Media Directory – My staff and I are going to “pre-interview” the media who are attending the event in depth. We’ll then be compiling a special National Publicity Summit Media Directory. This directory will NOT be available to anyone who doesn’t attend the Summit. It will be worth its weight in gold. In fact this information is so valuable before we hand over your copy you’ll need to sign a receipt agreeing not to share the contact information with anyone else. Here’s why: you’ll get detailed info about each of the producers, journalists and editors attending the event. I’m not just talking about their name and contact info. I’m going to give you examples of the kinds of shows / articles they produce, what they look for and the best way to contact them. Just this information alone could result in your getting breakthrough coverage on TV or in print – exposure that could pay back many times the cost of attending the conference. A $300.00 value… yours FREE.

Two radio shows and a national TV booking!

I was booked on two radio shows and one national TV show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends.

— Dr. Chris Kammer, America’s Favorite Dentist

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

Brace yourself, this is NOT a “cheap”
conference – but it’s still a bargain

My National Publicity Summit may well be the most expensive conference you’ve ever paid to attend. That’s because there is nothing to compare it with. It’s a one-of-a-kind event.

But for the sake of argument let’s compare it to the cost of hiring a publicist. Most people wind up spending anywhere from $5,000.00 to $30,000.00 when they hire a professional PR person to make calls and send out press releases on their behalf.

But what do you think a publicist would charge you to do the impossible: to bring 100 or more of the top media into his or her office so you could meet them?

I’d say $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 – and those would be conservative estimates. I believe that a fair price to attend my National Publicity Summit is $10,000. And I’m convinced I can get that.

But as I thought about it a little more, I realized that if I charge $10,000, I’ll make a lot of money, but I’ll probably just have a bunch of rich people in the room who have boring topics. The media wouldn’t be very interested in meeting them. Plus, I really do want this to be affordable for many of my current clients who are on tight budgets. 

Apply For One Of 26 Remaining Spots
Before 6 pm Eastern On Monday, March 31st
And Save Up To $2,000.00 Off The Regular Price...

PLUS: Get In On Our 2-For-1 Combo Deal –
Our Virtual Publicity Summit (April 22-25)
And The National Publicity Summit (Oct. 21-24)

My regular price for the Summit is $7,999 — but you'll save up to $2,000.00 if you apply before Monday, March 31st at 6 pm Eastern (3 pm Pacific). 

You'll also be getting two Publicity Summits for the price of one: our virtual Publicity Summit (April 22-25), when you'll get to meet and pitch at least 50 media from the comfort and safety of your own home or office... AND the live, in-person National Publicity Summit in NYC (October 21-24), where you can meet 100+ producers and journalists face-to-face!

A $50.00 application fee is due when you submit your application (and it's fully refundable if we can't accept you). We give you two options for handling your tuition...


2 installments of $3,203 (charged immediately on acceptance, and on April 10)


Save the most on the Summit with a single investment of $5,997

Whichever option you prefer, you’re charged only a $50 application fee until officially accepted. My team will review your application within 1-2 business days. We will charge your card for the tuition plan you choose as soon as we approve your application. If my admissions team has any questions about your application, they may call or email you.

If we’re already sold out or for any other reason we can’t accept you for the Summit, we will refund your $50 application fee.

I want to talk for a few minutes with those of you who may be “troubled” by the price.

If you’re not, and see it as the bargain it is, click here to skip to the registration forms (there are three parts).

How should I set the fee for an event for which there simply is nothing to compare it? The media who will be attending the National Publicity Summit represent publications and broadcasts that reach a total estimated audience of 500 million people. Many of the attendees each have the power to put you in front of more than 1 million people.

Just one article in a major magazine… one appearance on a talk show… one paid speaking engagement… one idea or new relationship you get from this conference will repay many times the cost of attending the Summit. Click here to apply to attend the Summit

Just think of how much money you’ve already spent (or will spend) producing your book or product. Coming to the National Publicity Summit is an investment in your book and your career, it’s not a cost. It’s an investment that can produce a staggering return. Odds are it’s tax-deductible for you.

Dramatic breakthroughs can occur for you by coming. They cannot occur by staying home.

You’re probably a lot closer to getting big-time publicity than you realize. Many people’s entire lives are transformed by acquiring the skill to think like a producer or editor and pitch them effectively.

This entrepreneur got $729,930 worth of “free airtime” when she appeared on ABC’s 20/20. She received over 2,300 emails in the first hour after the show aired!

I own a company called We help realtors and homeowners sell their homes faster and for more money. We do it by showing them how to “stage” their homes for resale using furniture, plants, paint, and other things to maximize its appeal.

I came to the National Publicity Summit to get the word out about my business. And boy, did it work! One great thing has led to another and another! In the months following the Summit, I’ve been featured in Southwest Airlines magazine, Cosmopolitan and several radio shows. Earlier this year a producer from ABC’s 20/20 called, and the fact that I’d already met one of his colleagues at the Summit helped convince him to book me for a seven-minute segment!

Since the 20/20 appearance, we’ve been flooded with calls and emails. In fact, we got over 2,300 emails in the first hour alone! As a result of the Summit, I also got a book deal with John Wiley, a major publisher of business books. They gave me a hefty advance for my first book on “Home Staging.” Because of all this, I’m now getting lucrative offers to work with American Express, Home Depot and Lowes. Needless to say, I’m so darn glad I decided to take a chance and come to your National Publicity Summit. It has taken me and my company to a whole new level.

— Barb Schwarz, CEO and founder of

This attendee appeared on both ABC’s The View and Good Morning America

The National Publicity Summit is awesome! Prior to attending the Summit, I had never appeared on national television, but that was my goal! Before the Summit, you trained me on specific things I could do to pitch myself. So when I met with the producer from ABC’s The View, I was able to pitch her on doing a timely segment on “nightmares” around Halloween. She loved it! A few days later, there I was, sitting with the show’s hosts. We were all dressed in costume and I was explaining the meaning of people’s scary dreams. But that’s not all. A few weeks later, I was booked on Good Morning America! Thanks to this incredible publicity, my sales have really taken off. I’ve become known as the leading expert in my field, and a distributor now wants to carry my book!

— Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, author of So, What Did You Dream Last Night and creator of

NOTE: We're delighted Lauri has come back to our Summits as our guest to share what she's learned with other attendees.

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

DON’T MISS OUT – Apply Today!
Once we get 200 qualified registrants –
that’s it, the doors are closed!

Obviously one of the major benefits of attending this event is the opportunity to meet the media. Therefore, I can’t have more than 200 qualified attendees in the room. I want you to be thrilled with how easy it is to meet the media. To give you that experience, I can’t have a crowded room with long lines of people pushing and shoving.

So I’m looking for the best 200 attendees I can find. That’s why you’ll need to fill out an application along with the registration form. I'm in search of the 200 attendees my media guests will love and, since it's such a big investment, we want you to be likely to get a lot out of it.

It’s not necessary for you to have written a book, but it is important you have a topic I think would be of interest to the media (or could be shaped that way) and that you have sufficient credentials or experience related to your topic.

I’ve promised the media that they will find some interesting people they can interview now or in the future. And I don’t want to be embarrassed by having people they don’t want to meet. So as soon as we receive your application form and payment, we’re going to review your application and make sure we feel it’s in all of our interests to have you participate. If not, we’ll let you know soon after we receive your application. Don’t make your travel plans until you have received confirmation your application has been accepted.

Regular Guest on Fox News Channel

One of my goals in attending the National Publicity Summit was to leave with media interviews and bookings. This certainly happened for me. I was booked on about a half-dozen radio shows and even filmed a segment for an internet woman’s TV show while at the Summit.

In addition to the bookings, two other things came out of the Summit that I wasn’t expecting and am really excited about. At the Summit, I met one of the senior editors at Psychology Today and am now the “official” blogger on Alpha Females, an opportunity which aligns beautifully with the release of my new book by the same name!

I had been a guest on Fox News a couple of times prior to coming to the Summit. Meeting several Fox producers at the Summit, including one I had worked with before, was a highlight for me. I was contacted by one of these producers about a month after the Summit and was invited to become a regular medical commentator on America’s Newsroom. I’ve been there twice already and I’m invited back next week.

As a result of the publicity I got from the Summit, my website hits are growing every day as well as my book sales and speaking opportunities, but, most of all, my confidence is the most powerful it’s ever been. I am confident speaking with any producer. For instance, I recently watched a show and I pitched the producers in my area of expertise via email. Although they didn’t call me, there were 200 hits from their network on my website that day, so I KNOW they now have me on their radar screen! Thanks to the training I received and the experience of pitching producers and journalists at the Summit, I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I will follow up and get it done, meaning, I will get booked!

I believe the Summit is an amazing opportunity which exceeded my expectations from day one. I would recommend the Summit with no hesitation, particularly to those who feel they have worked very hard to prepare their work behind the scenes and are ready to share their gifts with the world.

— Dr. Gaby Cora, author of Leading Under Pressure and Alpha Female

Note: We’re delighted Gaby has come back to our Summits as our guest to share what she’s learned with other attendees.

Booked on ABC’s The View and the cover of Entrepreneur

I was thrilled with the media coverage I received from attending Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit. I was booked on ABC’s The View and also got a cover story in Entrepreneur magazine. One of the best things about getting publicity is the snowball effect that’s been created. After I was on The View, I was able to get booked on CNN, which then led to a four-page spread in People Magazine.

The media training and preparation before and during the Summit was excellent. I’ve parlayed it into major interviews on public radio, and used the media as references for international speaking gigs. I’m now a regular contributor to and a coach on several highly trafficked websites and blogs.

I recommend the Summit to anyone looking to learn about PR and the media. It’s the biggest bang for your buck you’ll find, not just in terms of the information about PR and marketing, which is extensive, or in the practice you’ll get honing your message for delivery to the world, which is powerful, but in the contacts and connections you’ll make both in the media and among the participants.

The Summit is an exciting, informative and exceedingly well-run opportunity for those who are ready to publicize their work.

— Rory Cohen -

Within six hours of the first session, this attendee was interviewed by the Fox News Channel
Buddy Spilchuk

At your National Publicity Summit, I expected to meet a lot of media and develop some relationships. But something happened that I never would have expected. A producer from Fox News Channel literally grabbed us by the hand and said, “Are you available to come into the studio tonight at 5 pm?” And honest to goodness, at 5:00 we were [at the studio] and we taped 15 minutes. You owe it to yourself to come to the Summit so the media can find out who you are.

Barry Spilchuk, co-author of the Let’s Talk series

Been trying to get on national TV for months… finally did thanks to Summit

I’ve been trying to get booked on ABC’s The View for months. I tried every available avenue. Even my hairdresser assisted. She colors and styles one of the hosts and a top producer. Every time she did their hair, my hairdresser bugged them about putting me on the show. One of the main reasons I signed up for the National Publicity Summit was because The View was going to be represented there. I met with a producer from The View and she really liked my pitch. Shortly after the Summit, an article came out in the New York Times about how hard nursery school admissions had become, and I knew it was a good excuse to follow up with the producer from the Summit. Finally they bit and my segment aired less than two months later.

— Karen Quinn, author of The Ivy Chronicles

Featured in Essence and Black Enterprise

Thanks to what I learned about publicity at the National Publicity Summit I was featured in Essence Magazine and Black Enterprise magazine. The increased publicity has led to speaking engagements and new coaching clients, and gave visibility and increased sales to my books. Publicity leads to more publicity! To me, publicity is like good credit… when you establish good credit, it’s easy to get more credit. Once you land a few good publicity hits, it’s easier to get more publicity.

— Lisa J. Whaley, author of Prisoners of Technology

Booked on Today Show twice and more!

Thanks to Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit I have appeared on The Today Show (twice), Fox and Friends, Fox’s Good Day New York, Hallmark Channel’s New Morning, MORE Magazine, Essence Magazine, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Sentinel,, The Huffington Post and at least 25 radio stations throughout the country.

In most cases I was booked directly from the producers and journalists I met at the National Publicity Summit. Others I got from using what Steve taught me at the Summit about how to attract the media’s attention—the do’s and the don’ts.

Steve and the Summit taught me how to be concise, clear and quick about getting my message across and how to provide producers with complete show ideas.

I have become a go-to guest for many producers. They are now calling me when they are looking for someone with my expertise.

Every time my name appears in print or on a website the hits on my website skyrocket. Just a mention within an article triples my daily hits. When I am on TV, I can get as many as 10,000 hits on that day. All that traffic brings in hundreds of new members to my online communities and all this grows my database of members. My visibility is really expanding and publicity is the magic that makes this happen.

Before I decided to go to the Summit I had some concerns. Never having done anything like this before, it was intimidating. Probably the biggest fear was whether my investment was going to return dividends. So many times, you pay a lot of money and the results are minimal. That didn’t happen at the National Publicity Summit. Steve makes sure you get more than you bargained for.

Oh, yes, one more thing. The preparation you get leading up to the Summit is terrific. Steve’s staff helped all of us prepare and craft our pitches in the most media-friendly way. That’s so important because prior to the Summit I found it very difficult to rein in everything I wanted to say in a concise and WOW kind of way.

— Linda Franklin, author of No Man Wants to Date His Mother… Unleash Your Real Cougar to Attract Any Man at Any Age

Note: Above results not typical and obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll do as well, though with over 100 media at the Summit our average attendee gets some form of publicity. Your results will depend upon your particular topic, its attractiveness to the media and how well you apply what you learn.

So, don’t delay. Nothing bothers me more than having to turn excellent applicants away simply because they waited too long to register. For previous Summits, we sold out more than five weeks in advance. Click here to apply to attend the Summit

If you’re serious about getting
big-time national publicity,
I urge you to apply today.

If you don’t, you might never again have the chance to meet all these movers and shakers. Click here to apply to attend the Summit

I’m looking forward to helping you get the publicity you deserve!

See you in New York,

Steve Harrison, Conference Director

P.S. — Remember, it’s harder than ever to get the attention of the top producers and editors nowadays. They’re very difficult to reach on the phone. And they’ll probably never invite you to their office to chat. This could be your ONLY chance to meet so many of them face-to-face in one room.

But that’s not the only benefit of this conference. You’ll also meet and talk with authors, publishers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and publicists from all over the country – people like you who are serious about their success. Some are just getting started. Others make huge incomes. There may even be some who are celebrities. Frankly, networking with all the other attendees can actually be even more valuable than what you hear from the speakers and the media – and you can NOT get this from tapes, books or in any other way but being here!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wrestling with distribution, getting book reviews, dealing with returns, special sales, time problems, being overwhelmed, even personal/emotional hang ups – there will be people here who have already solved those problems and will generously share their experiences. This event truly will change your life for the better. Click here to apply online to attend the Summit

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